Send a simple mail with a subject and a little body

Hazymail.exe -ra recipient@domain.com -s TEST -b "hello world !"

Send a simple mail providing the sender informations

Hazymail.exe -sn "michael jackson" -sa me@jackson.com -ra recipient@domain.com -s "Mail from michael" -b "Do you like my music ?"

Send a mail to multiple recipients

Hazymail.exe -ra "test@test.com;test2@test.com;test3@test.com" -s TEST -b "Hello all !"

Send a mail to multiple recipients providing their name

Hazymail.exe -ra "Mr TEST<test@test.com>;Lilou<test2@test.com>;Robin Williams<test3@test.com>" -s TEST -b "Hello all !"

Send a mail with attachement

Hazymail.exe -ra "test@test.com" -s ATTACHEMENT -b "Check the attached file" -a d:\\rapport.txt

It's possible that your mail does not reach its destination because some antispam check if the sender is a well know SMTP server. In this case, Hazymail provided a way for delivering the mail throught a SMTP server.

Hazymail.exe -ra "test@protected.com" -s "Mail with SMTP" -b "This mail il send throught a SMTP server" -ss smtp.mydomain.com -sl mylogin -sp mypassword